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In this community you will find the activities, resources, and dialogues between youth across Canada and around the world - who have collaborated to make a difference in their communities, their schools and their countries. With the guidance of expert mentors as well as communicating with each others, youth around the world are taking up the challenge of conservation and impacting the world around them.

Explore through the different initiative and see how much these incredible young leaders care about their world, their oceans and their communities.

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OPPORTUNITY: Youth Participation at the Sustainable Brands Conference

Posted by Rachael B-I on May 23rd, 2018

The Ocean Project has an exciting opportunity for youth (approx. age 16-22) to participate in the Sustainable Brands Conference in Vancouver on June 5-7th.

Sustainable Brands is a learning, collaboration, and commerce community of forward-thinking sustainability, brand, and design professionals who are working to leverage sustainability as a driver of business and brand value. We recognize that brands today have a unique role to play in focusing corporate energy and also influencing culture. Sustainable Brands serves as the bridge that accelerates the successful shift towards a future of better brands and a sustainable economy.

SB’18 Vancouver kicks off a global showcase of brands who are embodying the spirit of balance and simplicity by redesigning product and service offerings toward new societal aspirations of The Good Life.

The Ocean Project is looking for youth who are bright, ocean-aware and active young leaders. Each day, the youth will have opportunities to engage the audience at Sustainable Brands including CEOs, CMOs and founders of startups from various companies. It will be a great chance to challenge them to address the issue of plastic in the ocean as a design issue and in a much more systemic way.

Here is the proposed schedule:

  • Tuesday June 5th from 12:00pm -1:30pm: Youth workshop (just for youth, led by Baylee Ritter and Gaby Schauber, both World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council members). This will provide an opportunity for youth to meet each other and discuss the issues, get more fully apprised of the plans for the next couple of days.
  • Tuesday June 5th and Wednesday June 6th, from 3:30 - 4:45pm: Good Growth Innovation Lab (same time and place both days). The group of youth will participate in the Good Growth Innovation Lab and work alongside industry leaders to develop solutions to the "Challenge Question" which addresses the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean, and how to proactively prevent these problems in a systemic way/way upstream.
  • Thursday June 7th, 1:35pm-2:05pm: The youth will present for the Good Growth Innovation Lab on the Activation Hub Main Stage

Ideally, youth will be able to attend all the sessions but there is some flexibility with scheduling.

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