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How Well do You Know the Ocean?

Posted by Rachael B-I on September 22nd, 2017

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Ocean Literacy course! This course will help you understand how you are connected to the ocean and how the ocean helps you. There are 7 principles in total. Your teacher will help guide you through each of the sections. You can earn Badges by completing each one of these topics. You can also earn badges by completing the assignments in each sections.

After you have earned all 7 badges you can take the Final Quiz to earn your Ocean Champion Badge!

Click on the badge you would like to earn to get started!

One Big Ocean Ocean Shapes EarthWeather and Climate Oceans and PeopleOceans Unexplored

Dear Teachers,

Welcome to the Elementary Level Ocean Literacy Course on the Ocean Wise Online Learning Environment. On this platform we have created an international course based on the seven Ocean Literacy Principles designed to help develop an understanding of how humans impact the ocean and how the ocean influences us.

You may use this resources as you wish, choose to do the full course or just a few of the sections. Each section has a short quiz at the end to review the topic covered. After each quiz students will earn badges to acknowledge their accomplishment and their increased understanding that we are all connected to one big ocean. There is a manual for the website under Teacher Resources with additional information on how to maneuver through the course.

On the left hand side of the screen you will see seven headings, each one representing one of the key ocean literacy principles. Choose the principles in any order or follow them through numerically, the choice is yours!

Under the heading Classroom Tools you will find additional support resources at your disposal.

Teacher Resources contains lesson plans and activities that support what students are learning in the online learning environment.

Video gallery contains all of the videos used in our lessons as well as additional videos relevant to the lesson topics that may further the students' understanding. This is also where students may submit their work for some of the assignments.

If you wish to skip ahead, you can go straight to the quizzes under the Quizzes folder.

The Ocean Literacy Framework was developed by many scientists and educators from the ocean sciences education community. Their efforts built on previous work to define ocean literacy, to assess what the public knows about the ocean, and to redress the lack of ocean-related content in state and national science education standards, instructional materials, and assessments. Explore the Foundations section to learn about how the ocean sciences education community came together to create these documents and ignite a movement within ocean sciences and beyond.

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