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This is a place for students and educators to continue to learn about Canada's waterways, from coast to coast to coast! Share photos, find teaching resources, play a few games, send us your questions, connect with one another, and learn about the water that allows survival for so much life!

Keep an eye out for the AquaVan in your community!

The AquaVan 150 team has been traveling across Canada -- check out our current location by looking for the blue Aquarium logo on the map! You can follow us we cross the country by checking out our calendar for details on tour stops and schedule.

Pre/Post Activities for Teachers & Students

If you are a teacher looking for student-facing activities for K-7, click over to our Ocean Literacy - Elementary classroom. Our Ocean Literacy - Middle and Secondary classrooms are coming soon! You can also check out our Teacher Resources section for lesson plans and other activities. If you are looking for some ideas where you can take action check out our Ocean Action classroom, or visit the Shoreline Cleanup website and come join the AquaVan 150 team at a cleanup near you!

Would you like the AquaVan to visit your community?

The first step is to apply so that we know you're interested! We will select schools and events to book from this list.
Please note that registering does not guarantee a visit.

This is our first ever national tour with the AquaVan, and we are so excited -- but the AquaVan has been running for over twenty years, and we're not slowing down! We will still be running programming in BC this summer, in addition to our cross-Canada tour. If you are in BC and would like to book the AquaVan, please get in touch with us at 604-659-3488 or aquavan@vanaqua.org.

Keep in touch!

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What is your wish for Canada's waterways for the next 150 years?

From national hope to a local focus, this is your opportunity to add your voice and imagination to a growing conversation. Share the changes that will build on our success to improve our communities and country.

AquaVan150 is partnering with Explore150's #Wish150 initiative to collect your wishes! We'll be launching a visualization to showcase your wishes on-site at the Aquarium later this year.

#Wish150 is open to all during 2017. At the end of the year and throughout the year during our exhibition events, your wishes will be shared with the federal government, community organizations, fellow Canadians and citizens of the world.

Latest #Wish150 #Oceanwishes

I wish there was more ice in the ocean and that we could stand on it.

Made by Maxx in Richmond, BC

I wish that people would stop polluting the ocean.

Made by Sofia in Richmond, BC

I wish that there was no more litter

Made by Raymond in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

No pollution!

Made by Nathan

I wish there were more fish in the ocean and a fish generator at the bottom.

Made by Dejan

More animals in the ocean!

Made by Jason in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

More octopi!

Made by Ryan in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

I wish there was no pollution in the water.

Made by Maelie in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

I wish there were more killer whales.

Made by Yuna in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

I wish that there was no jelly in the ocean.

Made by Vincent in Richmond, BC