My No Garbage Lunches- Rian Hoyle, Edmonton AB

Environment   Oct 26, 2018 by Rian Hoyle

Hello I'm Rian Hoyle from Edmonton, Canada and I'm sharing my journey of bringing a no garbage lunch to school everyday.

During a UNESCO conference at the end of April of 2018 I chose to make my individual action plan to remove waste from my school lunches which I have managed to keep going all the way up until now.

Ground rules- organic items don't count since they easily break down and compost, bottles don't count since the school collects them in blue bins, & all pre-packaged food I move from the package to a container since at home I can recycle majority of them.

May- At the beginning it was difficult as majority or snack foods come in a plastic wrapper; I replaced Ziploc bags with reusable containers and stayed away from pre-packaged food.

June- The action plan became increasingly easier and I was getting used to not going to the garbage can everyday; one challenge I faced was my lunches were getting increasingly smaller without having the available resources to bring multiple snacks; I often had waste from fruits or vegetables but I would take it home to compost it.

July & August- summer break.

September- I bought a bento box over the summer which allows me to have five different things in one container; now I have a healthy lunch everyday and am not throwing anything away; the action plan is very easy now and I'm glad I chose to do it.

October- I feel much healthier and am enjoying lunch much more, there is absolutely no extra hassle to use no garbage. My garbage production is so low now, I throw very little away because all my possible lunch trash is recycled at home. I highly recommend giving this a chance.

I thought I was taking on a huge task but the longer it has progressed the easier and more rewarding it has become.

This has been a brief overview of my journey so far, please feel free to ask questions and I hope some of you decide to go no garbage too!

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Lindsay Rankin
Nov 1, 2018

Hey Rian, 

Thanks so much for sharing your journey to garbage free lunches! I think you would enjoy reading Jacob's 5A response as well ... I'm spotting some interesting points that both of you have made (go check it out and leave a comment there). 

Now that you've gone garbage free for lunches do you think you'll apply this principle to other meals or outings you go on? Are you noticing your friends or family adopting some of your plastic-free alternatives? Looking forward to your response! 

Rian Hoyle
Nov 2, 2018

Hey Lindsay,

Yes I did get a chance to read and comment on Jacob's 5A response, also my mom has switched to using one of the silicone collapsible bowls to take her lunch in and I have a friend who takes her garbage home so she can properly dispose of what can be recycled. I've been trying to make sure my breakfasts are minimum waste but mornings are so hectic some days I'm forced to grab a pre-packaged granola bar on my way out. I think if I prepped my breakfast the same I do with my lunch I could be waste free for 2/3 meals.