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Environment   Oct 10, 2019 by Rian Hoyle

Hello, I'm Rian from Edmonton, Alberta! Edmonton is on Treaty 6 territory which is important to recognize to support the journey for truth and reconciliation in Canada. A bit about me is I love the environment, especially the oceans and I'm planning to go into Environmental Studies next year. I am very excited to learn more about biodiversity in Canada and work out ways to increase it, we're told in science how Canada has way less biodiversity than the tropical places so we need to preserve what we have! I have many projects in mind for this school year to help the environment including a beehive, community garden, and a new waste program for my school. Other interests include Model United Nations and general debate, I run the school's MUN club and have participated in many conferences including a summer camp. I personally prefer soft shell tacos since I don't like crunchy food that much.

To me, biodiversity is the variety of the organisms inhabiting an area, these organisms live off each other and are dependent on the ecosystem for survival. If one group is suffering there will be a ripple effect to all those living there, diversity ranges from size to population number but everyone plays their role. In Canada biodiversity is in trouble if nothing is to be done, we need to adjust our lifestyles to support the flora and fauna. When making change you can't jump right into the biggest option, many don't see it is a slow process that requires many small steps, often there are obstacles such as cost or support that impact how big the steps are but change is always possible. If we use truth and reconciliation as an example, we are reflecting on Canada's past and trying to learn and make improvements for the present, similar to the environment we need to utilize the past to live sustainably, other eras did it so we should be too. We as Canadians come from different backgrounds but all ethnicities have their passion, and many share a love for the planet so we need to use that and work to protect the environment now.

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    Nicole Lam
    Oct 31, 2019

    Good to know that you have a lot of ideas on your mind! Try to roll them out at school and looking forward to your updates!

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