Yuka H, West Vancouver: Activity 2

Environment   Oct 16, 2019 by Yuka
  • My local Natural History Museum is the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and the Vancouver Aquarium.
  • The biome my city belongs in is temperate rainforest.
  • Some notable organisms from my local area are: the Vancouver Island Marmot and Thomomys talpoides.
  • The biodiversity in my area is stable as there are local forests and parks with various species present.

The most endangered animal in my area is the Vancouver Island Marmot.

  • What did you notice was missing from the records?
    • I noticed that some species were data deficient where data such as population numbers were not present. This suggests that they lack the research in these specific species and would be beneficial to research the population numbers to see if it is an endangered species.
  • Why are these records important?
    • These records are necessary to asses the biodiversity of the local area. Without being aware of the species population, we could be harming the species and leading them to be endangered. If we knew what needed to be done to prevent the situation from escalating to the extent that a species would go endangered, it can help keep and improve our biodiversity.

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Oct 22, 2019

Hey Yuka, I had the same thoughts about the records. It felt as though something was missing and it would have been helpful to see some more reasearch. 

Sam Pelkey
Oct 18, 2019

Hi Yuka! I looked up both the Vancouver Island Marmot and Thomomys Talpoides (the pocket gopher). They're pretty cute!

I'm curious about what you think the biggest threats are to biodiversity in your area. What type of issues do you think are the biggest factors are in threatening biodiversity in your area?

I'm also curious what you think of Hannah B's post, since she's on the East Coast as opposed to you on the West Coast. Maybe you could leave a comment on her post talking about what you see as similarities/differences between the places you live!

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