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Environment   Oct 28, 2019 by Rian Hoyle

No matter which goal you chose, they all connect in certain aspects and are dependent on each other for success. Goal C is the foundation for all the goals, and Canadians need to know why biodiversity is important in order for there to be action which is why this is a project where education is essential. There is a difference in the goals between awareness versus action but despite their purposes, they are interconnected with each other with the idea that biodiversity is a unique part of Canada and we need to work to preserve its character. Especially here in Alberta, the Rocky Mountains are known for the beauty and landscapes that are built on the biodiversity of the area, without knowing of the biodiversity there is no urgency for it to be preserved but if we lose our plants and animals, the wilderness will suffer. 

If goal C is solved it will make it much easier to overcome the other goals since education and awareness is the initial obstacle blocking most projects, getting Canadians on board will ensure momentum for solving other goals and targets, change requires small steps and large numbers of people supporting the change. Once there is support the action becomes easier, the support is the uphill battle but once you reach the top action is a downhill ride. Solving C would most likely mean other targets have been solved too or have started to be worked on since everything is interconnected.

Starting smaller and working our way up to the larger issues is an efficient way of making a difference since when you think of little goals within the larger goal, it does not appear as intimidating. When action is split up it seems like less work despite the fact it is the same amount of work just concentrated at different times and across different issues. Sub-categories are a great way to overcome obstacles and appeal to a wider variety of people, sometimes more can be done when temporarily shrinking the picture down. 

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    Rachael Bell-Irving
    Oct 29, 2019

    I link your idea about starting small and working up to the larger issues. One proposed approach in conservation is: fix local to save global. Consider the diversity across Canada, both in culture, economics, and biodiversity, how can we engage all Canadians in the same ideas? 

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