Submarine Explorer


Ever wondered what it is like to explore the bottom of the ocean? Now is your chance. Hop in the NOAA submarine through the Ocean Explorer Game!

Play the game HERE


Play the game and have fun! In a blog describe your submarine exploration experience! Think about what adaptations animals need to survive in the deep ocean?

Pretend that, during your submarine exploration, you discovered a BRAND NEW CREATURE!

What does this creature look like? Is it a plant or animal? Describe the creature in your blog and the adaptions it has to find food, avoid being eaten, and survive in the cold and dark deep ocean.

How does this organism compare to the creature you made in the Create a Creature Assignment during the Diversity in the Ocean principle?

Once you have made a submission for the assignment, your badge will appear the next time you log-in!  

Learning Objectives

To have an interactive experience exploring the bottom of the ocean and learn about all the different kinds of creatures that can be found there

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