Create a Cloud


Clouds are formed by water in it's gas form collecting in the sky. Once the clouds get too full of liquid water, condensation, it falls back to the earth as precipitation, rain. This is how the water cycle effects weather.

In this experiment you will have the chance to create your own cloud and see how liquid water moves through the cloud to fall back to earth as precipitation.

Be sure to protect your table with some kind of cloth or protective sheet. It will get messy. It is best to wear old clothes or an apron to protect your clothes from potential stains.

This experiment comes from Teach Preschool



  • 1 jar per student
  • cups or jars to hold food colouring
  • eyedroppers (students can share)
  • shaving cream
  • food colouring - red, blue, green, yellow
  • tablecloth, paper towels, or covering to protect the working surface
  • water


1. Fill each jar 2/3 full with water. Fill each cup with water and different colours of food colouring. Lay out on the table so everyone has access. Explain to the students to be careful with the jar and cups and the importance of cooperation in science and experimentation

2. Have an adult or teacher add a "cumulus cloud" (shaving cream) to the top of each student's jar

3. Have the students add 3-5 drops of food colouring to their cloud and watch to see what happens. Students will see the colour make its way through the cloud and drop into the clear water below.

4. Now students may add whichever colours they like to explore the movement of water through the cloud.

*** This experiment may also be done without jars. Pour the "cloud" (shaving cream) on some paper towel, and watch how the colour travels through the cloud and then into the paper towel.


1. How did the coloured water move through your cloud? Which stage of the water cycle would this be?

2. What stage of the water cycle is happening when the colour drops down into the water?

Take a picture of your cloud and share it on the Video Gallery

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Learning Objectives

To understand how clouds are made of water

To understand how the water cycle, the changing of water from gas to liquid, effects the weather.

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