2B. OCT 04 - Streams and Rivers


All water on earth is connected to the ocean. Streams and river help to bring water, nutrients, and even animals back to the ocean!


1) Using google maps satellite view, find a river in your neighbourhood. Follow that river on the map all the way back to where it connects to the ocean (it may join with, or become new rivers)!

Click on the picture to open up Google Maps for this activity

2)Once you have found where your river or stream meets the ocean - tag the starting point on the Rivers and Streams Map

  • Describe the route that your waterway takes to return to the ocean
  • Hypothesize the conditions that would persist in the river as it traveled from your home to the sea. 
  • Thinking back to the plastic mockumentary from the pre-conference activities: Imagine you placed a plastic bag in your waterway. What would happen to it? Would it make it other ocean? Consider the conditions you identified and suggest what kind of life the plastic bag would have in your waterway.


Please format discussion titles as follows; Activity Number: Title, Your city  (e.g. 1C: Shoreline Cleanup, Vancouver). Include all the names of those who participated and contributed in the body of the discussion post. All authors should be accredited. 

Discussion posts and comments you post are what will be used in the final paper! Be are clear, respectful and engaged in your responses as well as while commenting on others. Don't forget to ask questions!

Learning Objectives

To see and understand how water on earth is connected to the ocean.

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