4A: OCT 18 - Down the Drain Challenge



Now It's Your Turn: take the challenge

Keep a drain diary for one day — it just might surprise you.

Share your results in a Blog post and with us #oceanwisechallenge

  • What types of things went down your sink?
  • Estimate the volume of liquids that went down the drain? Did you include a way to measure how much liquid went down?
  • How much of this waste do you think enters the ocean? Do you know how wastewater is treated in your city? 
  • There are many drains that we interact with everyday that may lead waste into our waterways. Besides your bathroom and kitchen, are there any other drains that may lead to the ocean?
  • check the label of the clothing you are currently wearing. Anything that is not cotton is likely a synthetic blend (aka: plastic). In each wash, these microfibres are released. What happens to them then? 

After your blog is posted, make sure you comment on two other blogs by students that live the furthest from you (e.g if you live in Vancouver find students from Halifax).

Discussion posts and comments you post are what will be used in the final paper! Be are clear, respectful and engaged in your responses as well as while commenting on others. Don't forget to ask questions!

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