My late July Reflection is about (surprise surprise) NURDLES. These little plastic devils haunt me in my waking hours. If I'm ever walking on a beach and look down, chances are I see nurdles that I have to pick up. This clip is from a shoreline clean up I did on the 27th of July near Marathon ON. We focused mainly on small particles of plastic. Between about 6 people for an hour, we picked up over 800. 800!!!! We didn't even get them all! We hardly made it halfway down the 400m beach! Do you want to know something even crazier? That beach isn't even one of the heavily nurdled beached on Lake Superior. There are millions of these things out there, collecting toxic chemicals, degrading into smaller (nearly invisible) pieces, or being eaten by fish and getting put into the food chain. It's a serious problem and it opened my eyes to the NEED for humanity to divest from plastics as much as possible. I'm no scientist, so I won't be the one to make it, but governments and private sectors need to be investing in alternatives to plastic that have less potentially damaging consequences to the environment. If we don't, we'll be put into an ecological disaster the like of which we've never seen. (If we aren't there already!)

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