My latest project is involving exploring as many lakes within my province (Manitoba) and then sharing the photos to social media and writing about our experiences on my blog. This is to promote and encourage the love of nature within everyone I can reach and to support local businesses. I describe our experiences and share the beautiful photos of the places we visit, encouraging others to explore for themselves and foster the appreciation of nature. I am not within distance of any ocean but I sure can promote the health of our amazing lakes and ecosystems. Before May 2020 I have only ever been to 2 lakes in Manitoba. (My family always went to the same one). Since mid-may I have now visited 7 lakes in 4 provincial parks and I still have 2-3 months left to explore! Check out my travels here:

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Cyrielle Noel
Jul 22, 2020

Great initiative Kiersten! The photos on your website are stunning and I really enjoyed learning about the facts of each place.

Adrian Rogers
Jul 7, 2020

Great work, really enjoying your posts! Love the matching sun dresses too!

Kirsten Desorcy
Jul 9, 2020

Thank you! :)