Monika Szpytko

Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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About Me

What first drew me to working for the federal public service was my passion for environmental sustainability, conservation, urban design, and clean technology. With an academic background in Biology and Mathematics, I have been following passions related to open dialogue, and productive debates about policy options. My long-term career ambitions involve contributing to the vast array of work being completed by policy makers, academics, engineers, technology experts, designers, and artists alike, to resolve emerging and long-standing issues regarding environmental sustainability. I take a personal interest in communicating complex scientific and economic concepts to non-experts. I am currently engaged in several creative and intellectual projects to keep up to date and gain a holistic and deep understanding of this policy area. I think OCEAN BRIDGE is an excellent opportunity to build on my passions to contribute to something greater than myself!

Professionally, I am working as a Senior Policy Analyst at Shared Services Canada. My career thus far has provided me with amazing opportunities to contribute to new and emerging Departmental research. Looking into the future, I am very interested in professional projects which require content creation, strong writing and verbal skills, broadcasting, video editing, photography and story telling. I am interested in developing related skills and currently seeking opportunities to support others in professional and personal projects in this field.

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    Citizen Journalism, Creative Commons, Environment, Green Spaces

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