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Dr. Rashid Sumaila's Presentation Taylor Jones-Arason Use this power-point to study or follow along while viewing Dr. Rashid's Presentation
Aug 6th, 2020
Ocean Wise - Self-Directed Visits Caitlin Pierzchalski The dropdown menu on the left has several different lesson plans and curriculum for grades K-12. If there is a specific one that interests you and you don't have access, just let me (Caitlin) know and I will send it your way.
Apr 10th, 2019
Salish Sea Science Program Caitlin Pierzchalski This program has a variety of different lesson plans for each of the 7 NOAA Ocean Literacy Principles.
Apr 10th, 2019
Solo cleanup : how to Zihan Cai I noticed a lot of participants are interested in organizing solo-cleanups as part of your ocean service hours. This quick webinar is about how to organize your own solo cleanup, led by myself and Michelle from Youth 2 Sea. We will be going over: - How to register your solo clean up - How to fill out the cleanup data sheet and how to submit and upload the data - How CoVid affects cleanups - What the data is for and the bigger picture of your impact
Jun 2nd, 2020
Team Building from Six Feet Apart Zihan Cai This webinar is for tips and tricks on leading experiential activities while maintaining the 6ft apart physical distancing. . The activities in this video were designed to help facilitators, trainers and teachers transition back to in-person events during the CoVid 19 era. Here is the recording:
Jun 16th, 2020
Vancouver Aquarium Junior Biologist Club Caitlin Pierzchalski This Vancouver Aquarium Camps resource is great for those looking for deliver workshops in classrooms. On the left hand-side menu, there are different class plans. If you find one that is interesting to you, please send me (Caitlin) or one of your other mentors a note saying you'd like access to the official curriculum guide.
Apr 9th, 2019