Reflection is an important step of the learning process. You can submit reflection pieces as often as you like, however we request:

Monthly Photo Submission

Please submit one photo at the end of each month that best represents your Ocean Bridge experience. You can upload your photo to the Gallery

Three Experience Journals (Written, Photo essay, Video etc.)

  1. Letter to yourself about your hopes and expectations for Ocean Bridge in the first 1-2 months of your ambassadorship
    • This letter will be sent back to you at the end of your journey with Ocean Bridge
  2. A Reflection after your wilderness learning journey
  3. A Reflection after the urban learning journey - one last reflection to summarize your year with Ocean Bridge 

Experience Journals should be posted in the Experience Journal folder of the Writing section. This is a space to post written, visual or other forms of reflection. You are welcome to create something on paper and scan it in or take a photo to post as well. This page is private to Ocean Bridge participants and staff only and when you post a piece, you can select whether you would like your peers to see it or only the staff team.

(2) After your wilderness learning journey, your reflection should be about 400 words in length. You may speak about your new experiences, bonds with other ocean bridgers, new insights as well as the project you conducted. Ask yourself:

  • What types of wildlife was I able to see on this trip that I've never seen before? 
  • Was there an experience I will remember for a long time?
  • What project did you do as a group? Will you continue these projects after the learning journey has ended?
  • What were the experiences, discussions and debates that opened your mind to new concepts?

(3) After the urban learning journey and at the end of your ambassadorship, you will write a reflection of about 300 words in length. You may speak about your experiences in executing your project, working with your peers, the result, the project going forward and about your year as an Ocean Bridge participant. Ask yourself:

  • What was your project? How was the brainstorming stage? What did you learn in the planning and execution process?
  • Did you learn something new collaborating with your peers or other organizations?  
  • What resources did you need? What could be done better next time?
  • Was your mentor helpful with your needs?
  • Will you or your community continue your service at the end of the project?
  • Reflect on your year as an Ocean Bridge participant: how have your skills and network changed? What new experiences did you encounter? What did you learn? Would you recommend Ocean Bridge to your contacts in the future?

Don't forget to include a picture! 

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