Nearing the beginning of August, my team brought together a small group from the community to tackle one of the main concern areas in Brantford, Ontario. Through this, we connected with the homeless population, local outdoor enthusiasts and those who use the trail as a transportation method to get to and from work. All who interacted with us were very appreciative of our cleanup efforts + were not surprised to the amount of waste we found. We also celebrated our cleanup with a lengthy chat with our volunteers (who worked SO hard on the hottest day of the year... 40'c) about environmental issues, art and our passions. Side note: Brody from Ocean Bridge came out - spot him in this photo! He repped his OB jacket all day in the hot heat! + 6 people are not pictured. We've spent the last few months connecting with communities across Southern Ontario over shoreline cleanups and are finalizing our last cleanup as I write this. This has been a summer of growth for me, as I still am looking to find my purpose (and passion!) in this big world. I'm looking forward to seeing what the remainder of August brings, and cannot wait to see all of my fellow OB'ers service projects throughout the month!

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