In a breakout call today we were asked what our favourite park was, my answer was Sirmilik National Park in Nunavut. This past summer on expedition I was able to visit this remote and magnificent park along with youth, educators and community members, elders and Parks Canada staff from Pond Inlet, Nunavut. In this moment I was really able to see the effects of climate change. The Sirmilik glacier has receded 1km from the shore over the span of 70 years. This landing evoked many conversations amongst the people who were present, and it was in this moment that I felt the inspiration and motivation we all had to make a difference together. It was a collection of significant moments like the one represented in this photo that pushed me to join Oceanbridge.

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Wow that's an awesome photo! I wonder if you met Xandra Anaviapik (Alex) from pond inlet? She was in my cohort!

Alexandra Leroux
Apr 9, 2020

We did have a celebration with the community, I don't remember her specifically though!

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