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Culture   Jun 8, 2020 by Kristen Gould

Port au Choix National Historic Site is a very special place to me.

From its shores you can see the cove my grandmother grew up in. It's a place that has had almost 6000 years of constant human habitation. From the first people on the island of Newfoundland to my European Ancestors, and today's inhabitants . It's a place where you can visit sites from different Pre-European contact traditions, rare plants, as well as a rare ecosystem called the limestone barrens. One trail in particular has my heart. It is called Barbace Cove Trail. I cannot put into words why. A feeling comes over me when I hike there,  and whenever I come back to town after being away I feel like I need to walk this trail to get some kind of closure. I'm not truly home until I hike out there.

As I'm sure most of you know there has been limitations on visiting Parks Canada places. I had this feeling of needing to visit my happy place for weeks before I had a chance to. Now I will share with you pictures from my first trip to Barbace Cove in 2020 on June the third.

When I left my home to drive to the trail the sun was shining. By the time I made it to the trail head it was pouring down rain and the wind picked up.

I was walking quickly but did make time to stop and visit some violets.

After nearly 2km and getting thoroughly soaked I made it to Barbace Cove just in time for the rain to stop. Barbace is a strange name, based off of a Basque word that means little harbour. When the French claimed this territory there would have been 2 functioning bread ovens. (French occupation ended in 1904).

Can you spy the caribou prints in the sand?

On this western coast of  the Great Northern Peninsula on the island of Newfoundland we have limestone bedrock. You can see in these pictures how the limestone naturally erodes. I took advantage of the low tide to explore the intertidal zone. 

Exploring some limestone cliffs.

Surprisingly life always finds a way. Here are a couple pictures of roseroot. It's an artic plant that manages to grow in some different places.

Thanks for taking the time to explore one of my favourite places in the world with me!!

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Zihan Cai
Jun 29, 2020

Kristen this is amazing - I love the photos and your description of the limestone cliffs you love so much. Very much looking forward to having you back after your rest period!

Benjamin Aubé
Jun 19, 2020

Beautiful, thank you for sharing Kristen, totally making me want to visit Port au Choix now!

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