#BePlasticWise With Your Friends, Co-workers and Classmates


For this challenge, you will pledge to be Plastic Wise with your family and friends! 

Plastic is filling our oceans at the rate of one dump truck full every minute. Tiny zooplankton that support the ocean food chain are mistaking plastic for food. Seabirds are found with plastic pieces in their bellies. Ocean Wise is tackling the global crisis of plastic waste in our ocean and you can be part of these bold solutions. It's time to   and break your plastic pattern and protect our ocean! 

By signing the #BePlasticWise Pledge  you will get a monthly challenge, links to inspiring stories and practical tips for reducing your single-use plastic items.


Here is what you need to do:

  1. Sign-up to the Plastic Wise pledge. Find out the challenge of the month. Past monthly challenges have included:
    1. Coffee Break: Skip the plastic lined paper cup
    2. Eating Out: Carry a reusable container and cutlery
    3. Quench Your Thirst: Use a reusable drink container
    4. Get Outside and Play: Get outside and pick up litter
    5. Cut The Strap: Skip products bundled in plastic straps
  2. Gather roommates, friends, family, your campus club and/or co-workers to sign the Plastic Wise pledge and to take the monthly challenges with you. 
  3. Host a monthly get-together to share difficulties faced when completing the monthly challenge and to share ideas for the next month's challenges. Have fun with it! Make it a waste-free potluck, picnic in the park or plastic free workshop. Check out these Tips to use Less Plastic for other ways to reduce your single use plastic.
  4. Share your results: You can write a blog about the experience on our community space. Compile photos or upload a video to our gallery about the Plastic Wise challenge. Be sure to share your experiences using our hashtags #OceanBridge #LeadersToday and tagging @OceanWise @leaderstoday and @SocDevSoc. Consider these questions in your reflection: Will this challenge inspire new habits of reducing plastic? How prevalent is plastic in your day-to-day life? Was it difficult to find alternatives? How was the experience with roommates, family or colleagues in your city? 

Ready to take it to the next level?

Get your community involved in being Plastic Wise by hosting a shoreline cleanup or hosting a plastic themed movie screening. Be sure to ask participants to sign onto the Plastic Wise pledge.

Want to do something a little simpler?

Take a personal Plastic Wise pledge and share your experience as you become more plastic aware.

Learning Objectives

The objectives of this challenge are:

  1. advocate for change by modelling sustainable behaviour.
  2. foster an understanding about our individual impact on our environment.
  3. engage peers and community in waste reduction to the benefit our oceans.
  4. connect with Ocean Wise's mission of working towards healthy and flourishing oceans.

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